• Our focus is interacting with executive suite leaders and board Directors to identify strategic growth initiatives, evaluate acquisition candidates, and analyze and improve business processes

Businesses today often lack a stated strategic direction since the management team is operationally focused on performance metrics vis a vis short term financial goals. Even those companies which have articulated a strategy in the past do not evaluate it periodically regarding its pertinence in the future. Whether you are in the innovation-driven technology sector or an industry with a slower pace, your environment is constantly changing.

At least annually your executive team and/or Board Directors should be considering everything from competitive initiatives to human talent and organizational perspectives so as to improve your current business and its readiness for growth opportunities. Creating a detailed listing of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is often a good way to commence the planning process. Identification of aspirations vs competencies channels the dialogue into realistic strategic direction or even near term business improvements.

  • Our scope is Global

Identifying options associated with a global footprint is a challenge for any enterprise. Making informed decisions about realistic opportunities often requires an outside perspective and evaluation of competencies. Options associated with whether your company is based in the US as a US-only enterprise, is based in the US conducting some international business, or is headquartered outside the US with North American business or aspirations to do business in the region are plentiful and varied. Operating outside your current sphere requires careful analysis of many factors and should include a detailed identification of the risks involved, whether associated with organic growth or M&A activity.

  • Our practice ranges from startups through Fortune 100 companies

Our successful business backgrounds include executive as well as a wide variety of analytical and managerial roles at start-ups as well as Fortune 100 companies. Whether providing advice or acting in a Director role, we can assist in improving the sustainability of an existing business or catapulting newer businesses toward success.
Discussions with the company’s executives and/or the senior leadership teams to assess marketplace issues have lead to breakthroughs in both customer satisfaction and operational improvements.

Examples of expertise include:

NEWCOs - perspectives ranging from evaluation of the concept to business models to business plans to pitches
Stage 1 - involves revenue creation, meaningful metrics and reporting, market development, and operational issues
Stage 2 - includes profit attainment, organizational structure, marketing initiatives, and product improvements
Stage 3 - identifies growth/expansion strategies and tactics

Aside from advice or specific project management, our Board Director involvement includes Compensation, Governance, Risk, Social Responsibility, and Nominating Committee participation or leadership.

  • Our sector specialties include:

    • Etail
    • Distribution Technology
    • Tourism
    • Hospitality
    • Destination Marketing

Etailing includes methods associated with B2B, B2C, or B2B2C for online shopping, purchasing, merchandising, marketing, fulfillment and customer service.

Distribution technology considers existing tools and solutions used around the world, as well as new product ideas and development.

Tourism encompasses global suppliers, distributors, technology-enablers and others in the chain of bringing travel-related products and services to travelers.

The hospitality sector involves affiliations with Pennsylvania State University and Cornell supporting published materials or advice in the classroom, participation in forums, and identification of technology solutions to meet hospitality needs.

Destination marketing spans a wide spectrum of interacting with companies focused on consumer travel. Destination marketing can include analyzing Web offerings as to booking travel, lodging, events and activities associated with destinations, investigating segmentation such as adventure or other specialty travel offerings, identifying revenue opportunities, and providing perspective relative to competitive offerings.